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Many people have either reservations or just don’t know if they are ready to buy a home now or later. Some think that they should hold off until they are married of have children while others think they are still too young for the responsibility. Aside from some having the fear of taking on a mortgage, many feel that they may not have the money to enter into homeownership. The truth is that you probably don’t need to have as much money as you think. I go over the details in this free guide.

What to Know When Buying a Condo

If you are in the market to buy property, you may be asking yourself if you should buy a condo. Condos are great options as they are oftentimes more affordable than single families and come with some great conveniences. However, before you decide to fully start your search, consider some of these points about condo ownership to see if it is right for you. I go over the details in this free guide.

10 Things to Negotiate When Buying a Home

For many buyers it can feel like there are not a whole lot of options out there. When the day comes that your luck has changed and you locate a home to put an offer on, one of three things will happen. Your offer will either be accepted, rejected or countered. In this free guide, I discuss the negotiation process when buying a home.

How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster

Making additional payments towards your mortgage balance can be a smart idea where it can save you thousands as well as shave off years on the loan duration. It is recommended that you do this on your own schedule rather than enrolling in an accelerated payment plan as those can cost you hundreds of dollars.

Here are some tips for paying down your mortgage earlier than anticipated.

Top Home Renovation Tips on a Budget

Homeowners are often interested in ideas that further increase the value of their homes especially if they can do so with a tight budget. Additionally, select home projects can be done yourself which will save you more money while making your home an even nicer place to live. If you are looking to give your home a little facelift or if you are preparing for a sale, here is a list of DIY ideas that can add value to your home. In this free guide, I go over the details.

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